PAEV Features

Authentication Protected Data

  • Requires Users to Log in with a Username and Password.
  • Access Levels hide data, and enable users to edit their task’ information

Each Team Member is held Accountable

  • Each task – per WBS – is assigned to a team member
  • Each Person is resposible to update their tasks
  • Each Person Updates’ Man Hours & Estimated Due Date

Schedule and Budget Predictions

  • Graphs Generated Automatically
  • Determine real time – any time – CPI and SPI
  • See Trend lines of progress
  • See Predictions of Total Project Cost, Schedule Completion

Individual & Complete View Data

  • Graphs Generated for a single project’s WBS
  • Graphs Generated for all WBS compbined of a project
  • Graphs Generated for all Projects

Unlimited Users, Projects, Tasks, WBSs

  • Since its a MySQL database, there are no limits
  • You can track all of your company’s programs
  • You can track all of your programs’ WBS’
  • You can track all of your WBS’ tasks